"Restore" Gut Reset Package

"Restore" Gut Reset Package

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Do you have ongoing gut issues and can't pinpoint what your triggers are?
Have you tried all the supplements, protocols and seen practitioners with no major improvement? Do you want to feel comfortable in your body, and be able to eat out without the fear of bloating and digestive issues? Do you want to understand how to optimize your gut health through specific dietary suggestions?

Investigate the ROOT CAUSE of your digestive complaints by completing a comprehensive stool analysis test to investigate how your digestive system is functioning and screen for parasites and pathogenic bacteria. This will be analysed by Naturopath, Tahlia and an individualised treatment plan and prescription will be produced to you in the first consultation. This is a package offer which includes:

  • 1 x Comprehensive Stool Analysis 
  • 3 x Fortnightly support calls
  • Dietary Advice and Nutrition Support 
  • Individualised Prescription
  • Discounted Supplements 


Payment plans available on request. Email hello@tahliajorden.com or message me on instagram @tahliaswartz_naturopath