Work With Me

Are you a woman feeling disconnected and lost with your body, and not sure how to go about making a shift? 
Maybe you're struggling with symptoms like period pain, PMS, irregular cycles or acne and can't figure out what is really going on. 
Do you want to learn to sync with your cycle, feel educated and empowered and take back your health? 
Do you want to develop a deep understanding of your hormones, to work with your body, not against it? 
Do you crave a deeper transformation and to be held accountable with a practitioner to support you every step of the way? 
I feel you! As a young woman, I felt my only option to manage hormonal symptoms was to go on the pill. I struggled with allll the side effects but no medical practitioner would take me seriously. I finally took my power back, and decided to come off the pill in order to align with my natural hormones and menstrual cycle. 
This was a GAME CHANGER for me! I dropped out of the university degree I hated and enrolled to become a Naturopath, so that I could support women on the same journey. I've now been tracking my cycle, using fertility awareness methods as contraception and syncing with my cycle for 6+ years now and I have never felt more aligned with my body. My vision is to support women on this journey, and show them what is possible. 


Introducing, my 12 Week 1:1 Holistic Health Mentorship

Together, we will uncover the root cause of what areas of your health are impacting your hormones and preventing you from feeling your best. With a customised treatment plan, and a high level of support from me, we will work together to restore your balance and find your flow. 
We will cover all things; 
  • Menstrual cycle awareness & cyclical living; the hormone education you were never taught. Understand the four seasons of the menstrual cycle and how these hormonal changes can influence how you feel
  • Cycle tracking; learn to identify ovulation and track your menstrual cycle
  • Natural Fertility Methods; learn highly effective natural fertility awareness methods to either prevent pregnancy, or increase chances of conceiving
  • Nervous system regulation; learn how to regulate your nervous system in a world that glorifies hustle culture
  • Nutrition for happy hormones; learn how to fuel your body without restriction and guilt
  • Healthy gut & liver; how to optimise your digestive health and detoxification for a healthy menstrual cycle

What's included?

This container is completely tailored to each individual client and their needs. You will have access to;

  • Fortnightly 1:1 calls
  • Pathology testing & interpretation
  • Personalised treatment plan & prescription including herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation
  • Unlimited voice and text support Monday-Friday
  • Self-guided work such as meditation, journal prompts, cycle syncing guide, embodiment practises and so much more!
  • Lifetime access to my live masterclasses & courses 

 Due to the nature of this program, there are limited places on application only. Book a call below so that we can have a chat and see if its a good fit!